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Issue 289 | Aug 2020


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Campus News

EdUHK Donates Three Character Classic and Modern Society to Local Primary Schools

EdUHK published an audio book entitled Three Character Classic and Modern Society, with copies distributed to all primary schools, universities and public libraries for free. Relevant materials were also made available online to the public. The research team of the Department of Chinese Language Studies at EdUHK began the two-year "Three Character Classic and Modern Society" project in 2018 with external fund...

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Words of Wisdom - Dr Andy Chin Chi-on

Language is a communication tool among humans. Through language, we can exchange emotions and deliver messages and reduce the distance between people. Language is like a magnifier, allowing us to explore its interactions within our society, culture and history. It is a system with vibrant vitality. The language of each generation witnesses the evolution of society over time...

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Alumni Updates and Activities

“Project LEARNT” Awarded Additional Funding for Advancement

“Project LEARNT”, co-founded by Dr Wilbert Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychology, Mr Jack Wan (an alumnus of BEd (Honours) (Secondary) Programme) and Mr Jeffrey Ho, was one of the winning projects of the University’s Education and Social Entrepreneurs (EASE) Fund Scheme in 2018/19. “Project LEARNT” joined the idea competition “Good Seed 2020”, supported by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund of the Government, and won an award of HK$200,000 in July this year.

As a social enterprise, “Project LEARNT” makes use of the slow periods of a restaurant as a co-learning space for tutorials and other learning activities, and recruits students in non-day schools to run the business. This start-up is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, by providing students with a comfortable study environment at a relatively low cost and employment opportunities; teachers and private tutors with an expansion of their student base in the co-learning space by instant matching; and restaurants with an extra source of income by expanding their customer base.


Alumnus Jack Wan (second right) and Mr Jeffrey Ho (second left), two of the co-founders of “Project LEARNT”, with the staff of the KT Sub-office

Interview Skills

You may feel uneasy when you are attending job interviews or waiting for the interview results while your classmates and friends are receiving job offers. You may wonder if there are any tips for job interviews. In this connection, the Alumni Affairs and Development Office has invited four seasoned school principals to share their insights and suggestions, with a view to helping alumni to secure job offers.

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Alumni News

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Activity / Further Studies

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