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Issue 287 | Jun 2020


Campus News
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Campus News

Internationalisation of Field Experience

Sponsored by the Office of the President, the School Partnership and Field Experience Office has organised learning tours since the 2017/18 academic year for Education majors with outstanding academic performance. It offers them opportunities to visit different parts of the world to understand and compare the similarities and differences between overseas and Hong Kong education systems, and to connect to schools and teacher education beyond Hong Kong...

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Come and Take a “SIP” of Parenting Science!

Parenting education has become an increasingly popular area of study in recent years. By bringing together experts from this field, EdUHK has taken the lead in researching the secrets and myths behind healthy parent-children relationships. In this connection, the Centre for Child and Family Science at EdUHK recently launched the Take a SIP* video series, which features fundamental principles of parenting that are supported by scientific research findings...
* “SIP” is an acronym for “Science Informed Parenting”

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Alumni Activities

Webinar Series: Helping children get the essence of reading and develop good writing skills

The Alumni Affairs and Development Office presented a talk through the Webinar Series on 18 June 2020. Mr Chan Hung, EdUHK Honorary Fellow and Founder of “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”, was invited to share with our alumni the tips to enhance the children’s writing skills, such as paying meticulous attention to detail, depicting a character’s act in details and finding out the underlying significance of an act. This talk was very popular among alumni and friends who found it helpful for them.

Career Guide – How to become a good teacher?

How to become a good teacher? The Alumni Affairs and Development Office has invited four seasoned school principals to share their insights and suggestions, with a view to enlightening our alumni and helping them to unleash their potentials and benefit their students. Please click here to watch the video.

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News to Alumni

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Activities/ Further Studies

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