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Issue 286 | Jun 2020


Campus News
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EdUHK Engaged in World Bank Project to Build Higher Education Teacher Capacity in Cambodia

Following the completion of the 2017 World Bank project in Vietnam, EdUHK is extending its reach to another ASEAN country, Cambodia, by building the capacity of higher education teachers to enhance access to quality education there. EdUHK will partner with five Cambodian leading public higher education institutions under the World Bank’s “Higher Education Improvement (HEI)” project on teacher professional development, course development, and collaborative research and knowledge transfer in higher education in the coming four years...

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EdUHK’s Project Aspire Provides Expert Advice for TVB Drama

EdUHK’s Project Aspire provided expert advice to the production team of a TVB drama (那些我愛過的人), a character of which being a doctor with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), so that the actor who portrayed the character had a better understanding of ASD. Back in 2018, the production team of the TVB drama had a few meetings with the professionals of the Project Aspire. Through the arrangement of the Project Aspire, the production team paid a visit to some students with ASD in order to have a deeper understanding of their behaviours. The drama is to be aired on 8 June, and the Project Aspire will be credited in the first five episodes.

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Alumni Activities and Updates

Webinar Series: New Education Norms

The Alumni Affairs and Development Office presented a talk through the Webinar Series on 27 May 2020. Alumnus Chu Tsz-wing, the Chief Principal of St. Hilary’s Primary School and VNSAA St. Hilary’s School, was invited to share the new education norms in Hong Kong in the wake of social events and pandemic situation, and to discuss whether the current education pattern is still able to equip students for meeting the challenges of the future society. This talk was very popular among alumni and friends who found it helpful for them.

Career Guide – Career Development for Teachers

How to get a promotion opportunity? If the aspiration is to become a principal, what should be done to prepare and pave the way? "Career Development for Teachers" Part 2, produced by the Alumni Affairs and Development Office, has invited Principal Chu Kwok-keung and Principal Cheung Chi-hung to share their experiences for the benefit of our alumni by shedding some light on the development of their career path.

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EdUHK Graduate Taught in Kazakhstan to Help Students Break Down Barrier in Speaking English

Kazakhstan, a country along the “Belt and Road”, is the largest economy in Central Asia. Henson Kwok, an EdUHK graduate of the Bachelor of Arts (Honour) in Liberal Studies Education programme, took the chance to participate in their local development project called “Nurly Zhol”. Last September, he went there to teach English at a local university for four months. With a sprightly teaching method, he helped students overcome the psychological barrier in stuttering during oral English examination and improve their grades...
(With permission for reproduction from Sing Tao Daily)

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News to Alumni

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Activities/ Further Studies

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