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Issue 284 | April 2020


Promoting Environmental Education on a Uniquely 'Biodiverse' Campus
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Campus News

Promoting Environmental Education on a Uniquely 'Biodiverse' Campus

Nestled at the base of a scenic mountain range in the northeast part of Hong Kong, the EdUHK campus is rich in biodiversity. Members of the University community recorded over 1,270 observations of 380 species of trees, plants, insects, birds, fungi and reptiles in the worldwide City Nature Challenge 2019...

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Nepalese Teacher Aspires to Turn “Chalk and Talk” into Fun STEM Lessons

Even as “STEM” has become a buzzword, gaining global popularity in the education sector in recent years, there are still some parts of the world where universities do not even have a humble laboratory in which to conduct experiments. Mr Parbat Dhungana, formerly an assistant professor at a university in Kathmandu, Nepal, discussed the challenges facing his home country in training science teachers...

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Alumni Activities

Webinar: Lexical Learning with Endless Fun

The Alumni Affairs and Development Office held a webinar on "Lexical Learning with Endless Fun" on 31 March 2020. Ms Zandra Mok Yee-tuen, a registered speech therapist and Manager of the University’s Integrated Centre for Wellbeing, was invited to be the speaker. She shared with alumni and friends lively and interesting ways (such as use of visual strategies, play-based training, and guiding children to compare and contrast different information) with which to guide children into systematic memorization and integration of vocabulary, as well as saving up in their vocabulary bank, thereby promoting children's language development.

Webinar: How to Cope with Children's Emotions and Stresses and Cultivate High Emotional Intelligence?

Continued anxiety will increase the pressure on young children, who will be more prone to negative behaviours and emotions during their growth. As parents or teachers, how should we support the growth of young children to let them grow up in a positive environment, and learn how to adjust themselves when encountering stress? The Alumni Affairs and Development Office will hold an online seminar on 29 April 2020, so that our alumni will understand “how to cope with children's emotions and stresses and cultivate high emotional intelligence”.

Speaker: Dr Amanda Wong Mun, Assistant Professor, Department of Early Childhood Education, EdUHK

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Alumni News

Alumni Short Film (Alumnus Cheung Chi-hung)

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