Alumnus Ho Man-sum: An Enterprising Educator

Alumnus Ho Man-sum graduated from the Grantham College of Education in his early years. Starting from 1958, he taught in Eastern Hospital Road Government Primary School (EHRGPS) as a general teacher. Many of his students attained remarkable achievements later in their lives. By coincident, Alumnus Ho set up a publishing company that put out popular primary-level academic exercises and many school children benefited from them. Alumnus Ho was grateful of Grantham College of Education for training him to be a teacher. As a result, his life took on a new course in which he enjoyed much stability and social esteem. Alumnus Ho said, “When you leave this world, you can’t bring any possessions with you. One should therefore contribute towards the social good while one still can.” Alumnus Ho had initiated many fund-raising activities. He had also introduced quite a few donors to The Education University of Hong Kong. Alumnus Ho not only had donated to the University himself, but also had facilitated other donors to give to the University in support of its various projects.

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Alumnus Ho Man-sum (fifth from left)

Alumni Updates

Alumnus Ng Ka-chun, a graduate of the 2014 class, is currently a primary school teacher. Upon the suggestion of a Christian teacher in the church, Alumnus Ng enrolled in and completed both the Diploma Programme and Master's Programme in Christian Education. He believed that these courses could inspire him to integrate truth into the fields of different disciplines, and thanked God for giving him wisdom and courage to produce these teaching materials. It is his hope that more Christian teachers will be leading students to experience the truth, and to walk on to the most valuable path in life.

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Alumnus Ng Ka-chun (left)

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