Interview with Alumnus – Principal Leung Siu Tong

Alumnus Leung Siu Tong has devoted a lifetime to education. After retirement, he still serves as supervisor and consultant tirelessly and pleasantly engaging himself in educational matters. He feels grateful to have been supported by his seniors who gave him plenty of opportunities. Apart from teaching English, Science and Mathematics, he also taught other subjects. When he took up the panel role, he had the opportunity to carefully observe the work patterns of his colleagues and understand the difficulties and obstacles the management faced when managing the school. He had been well prepared before becoming a principal. In addition, Alumnus Leung actively participated in public and voluntary work to assist grassroots level students and their families and effectively improve school management.

Alumnus Leung’s message for EdUHK students is that they should not be small-minded when travelling on the road of teaching and guiding students. As long as they can help students develop their potential, teachers should spend more time and try the best they can to help students learn and become accomplished persons.

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EASE Fund 2019
Call for Application

The EdUHK Education And Social Entrepreneurs (EASE) Fund Scheme, a seed funding scheme first introduced in 2018/19, is a major initiative in nurturing entrepreneurship within EdUHK communities as a means of transferring EdUHK knowledge, and hence, making an impact on the society. The Scheme aims to create and promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the EdUHK community; to support students and alumni to pursue their dreams and creations by starting up a sustainable venture relating to EdTech, education innovation and social innovation; and, to provide a new channel for transferring knowledge and EdUHK research outcomes into real-life applications so as to benefit the society. With the overwhelming responses to the EASE Fund Scheme 2018/19, the Knowledge Transfer Sub-office (KTSO) is pleased to announce the EASE Fund Scheme 2019/20 is now open for application.


  • A team led by an EdUHK student (Full-time or Part-time) or alumnus/alumna acting as Team Leader.
  • A team of at least two team members who can be EdUHK students, alumni, staff, etc.
  • Must be Hong Kong permanent residents (i.e. holder of Hong Kong permanent identity card).
  • Must be of age between 18 and 40 as of the EASE Fund Scheme application deadline.

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