From a Teacher to the Chairman of a Listed Company

Alumnus George Wong Yui-lam graduated from The Sir Robert Black College of Education (SRBCE) and is currently Chairman of Bauhaus International (Holdings) Limited. After years of teaching, Alumnus Wong was inspired by a high-end fashion store when travelling. On returning to Hong Kong he opened a similar store, and his status changed from a teacher to that of an entrepreneur. The process of his entrepreneurship was not smooth at all, but he overcame the difficulties with SRBCE’s motto “Learning by Doing”. He finally succeeded with his business and even turned it into a listed public company!

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EASE Fund 2019
Call for Application

The EdUHK Education And Social Entrepreneurs (EASE) Fund Scheme, a seed funding scheme first introduced in 2018/19, is a major initiative in nurturing entrepreneurship within EdUHK communities as a means of transferring EdUHK knowledge, and hence, making an impact on the society. The Scheme aims to create and promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the EdUHK community; to support students and alumni to pursue their dreams and creations by starting up a sustainable venture relating to EdTech, education innovation and social innovation; and, to provide a new channel for transferring knowledge and EdUHK research outcomes into real-life applications so as to benefit the society.

With the overwhelming responses to the EASE Fund Scheme 2018/19, the Knowledge Transfer Sub-office (KTSO) is pleased to announce the EASE Fund Scheme 2019/20 is now open for application. This year, the Scheme is enhanced with more resources to be put into training/workshops on entrepreneur skills and preferential policies for start-ups in the Greater Bay Area, as well as strengthening mentorship programme.


  • A team led by an EdUHK student (Full-time or Part-time) or alumnus/alumna acting as Team Leader.
  • A team of at least two team members who can be EdUHK students, alumni, staff, etc.
  • Must be Hong Kong permanent residents (i.e. holder of Hong Kong permanent identity card).
  • Must be of age between 18 and 40 as of the EASE Fund Scheme application deadline.


The EASE Fund Scheme will award each winning team a seed fund up to HK$150,000 with a potential government matching grant of HK$450,000. That is, each team will have the potential for obtaining a maximum fund of HK$600,000.

Entrepreneur Experience Sharing Workshop Series*

The KTSO will organise two thematic workshops in November 2019:
Education Innovation (Details)
Social Innovation (Details)

Application Deadline
12:00 noon, 15 Jan 2020

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Entrepreneur Experience Sharing Workshop

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Donations to set up Bursaries

The former Colleges of Education or The Education University of Hong Kong has provided the soil where our alumni previously pursued knowledge and set the direction for their future. Our students are also working hard to equip themselves in preparation for a career in education or other professions. Nevertheless, EdUHK Student Affairs Office’s “Profile of New Full-time Students 2018-19” indicated that nearly half of the respondents anticipated economic difficulties during their studies at the University. In view of this, we sincerely invite you to contribute generously and donate money for setting up bursaries to provide help for these needy students. Donations will be accumulated to a certain amount before a bursary will be set up for alleviating the financial burden of needy students. As they work hard in both their studies and part-time jobs, they will realise that there is a group of enthusiastic alumni and caring people in the community supporting them silently and encouraging them to strive for the implementation of educational ideals.

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EdUHK to Confer Honorary Doctorates on Distinguished Individuals

Distinguished Lecture: Mr Dominique de Villepin on the Napoléonic Legend

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