Alumnus Howard Fung Hing-yiu
Innovative thinking opens a new wide world in swimming education

Alumnus Howard Fung Hing-yiu, one of the Co-Founders and the Managing Director of Stanford Swim School, has had a passionate interest in swimming education. As early as when he was a secondary school student, he worked with his brother, Marcus Fung Hing-chuen, to set up a swimming school to teach students swimming and look for swimming talents. Alumnus Fung’s pioneering work was not smooth sailing. He encountered different challenges, such as being questioned about his professionalism, atypical pneumonia’s attack on Hong Kong and the need to start from scratch after moving to Australia. Nevertheless, with his excellent insights and innovative thinking, he overcame all these difficulties and established his career for today. Alumnus Fung came to realise that past experiences were actually the cornerstone of future opportunities.

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AADO Booth welcomes new graduates on gown collection days

The event for gown collection will take place on campus between 11 and 13 October 2019. The Alumni Affairs and Development Office (AADO) takes this opportunity to set up a booth for welcoming new graduates of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) and introducing a variety of alumni services and special offers during the three-day event.

To congratulate the graduates, AADO has launched a “Graduation Bear Programme”. The 14-inch-tall cute bear, holding a graduation certificate in its hand, wears a graduation gown embroidered with the EdUHK badge. It certainly bears a commemorative value! For just HK$500 you can take the lovely and warm EdUHK Graduation Bear home!

Graduates of the current year who wish to participate in this programme should visit the AADO Booth in the Conference Centre (Block E) at EdUHK between 11 and 13 October 2019. Complete a form and make an on-site payment, the EdUHK Graduation Bear will be yours (while stock lasts).


Welcome to our Alumni Facebook Page

The Alumni Affairs and Development Office cordially invites you to “follow” or “like” our Alumni Facebook Page, so that you will not miss all the instant news of EdUHK, alumni benefits, services or activities. Do share the news with your fellow classmates and friends to help expand our alumni network!

Donations to set up Bursaries

The former Colleges of Education or The Education University of Hong Kong has provided the soil where our alumni previously pursued knowledge and set the direction for their future. Our students are also working hard to equip themselves in preparation for a career in education or other professions. Nevertheless, EdUHK Student Affairs Office’s “Profile of New Full-time Students 2018-19” indicated that nearly half of the respondents anticipated economic difficulties during their studies at the University. In view of this, we sincerely invite you to contribute generously and donate money for setting up bursaries to provide help for these needy students. Donations will be accumulated to a certain amount before a bursary will be set up for alleviating the financial burden of needy students. As they work hard in both their studies and part-time jobs, they will realise that there is a group of enthusiastic alumni and caring people in the community supporting them silently and encouraging them to strive for the implementation of educational ideals.

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