Spring Tour: A Visit to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum

The “Spring Tour” was organised on 29 April 2017 by the Alumni Affairs and Development Office. More than 30 people including alumni and their family and friends visited the Hong Kong Maritime Museum to have a better understanding of the contributions offered by China, Asia and the Western world to shipbuilding, route discovery and trade, as well as naval armaments. They have also seen the latest special exhibition "Pirates of the South China Sea: Chasing Cheung Po Tsai and the Port Cities".

In addition to a guided tour, group members had a taste of the Simulator experience. Participants found this experience on the Ship Bridge Simulator very interesting. They took turns to act as the "captain" and take the helm under different weather and sea conditions, leading group fellows to “brave the high winds and rough seas”!

Please click here for the highlights of the event | Photo Album


Documentary Proof for Retitling (DPR): Exercise Drawing to a Close Soon

The University’s initiative of issuing, upon application through the online application system, the Documentary Proof for Retitling (DPR) for the 1994 - 2015 cohorts of The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) Graduates is approaching a concluding phase. Applications will be accepted only up to and including Friday, 30 June 2017.

HKIEd Graduates are given a gentle reminder of this “deadline” for application and requested to make an early application.

DPR states that The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) recognises academic qualifications awarded to the Graduates of the former HKIEd as being equivalent to those awarded by the University.

For those whose applications for DPRs were already approved, please come and collect your copy/copies at your early convenience (unless your DPR has been arranged for delivery through courier service).

If there are enquiries on any issue relating to DPR, please direct them to Mr S S Tam at dpr@eduhk.hk (e-mail) or 2948 6322 / 2948 6126 (tel).

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EdUHK Celebrates a Decade of Promoting Religious Education with Seminar on Leadership and Teaching in Religious Schools

Dr Klavier Wang Receives Young Scholar Award at EATS Conference

$8.5m Project on Developing Quality Fish Pellets with Food Waste

Alumni Privileges
- 大班端陽糭優惠 (new) (Details in Chinese only)
- 聖安娜餅屋端陽極品糭優惠 (new) (Details in Chinese only)
- Watsons Water Household Water Dispenser Offer
- Eaton Hotel Hong Kong Food & Beverage Privilege
- Other Privileges

【閱讀香港系列】(英文香港研究)講座 (Details in Chinese only)

Conference on Catering for Diverse Learning Needs

Master of Arts in Educational Counselling

Master of Arts in Mathematics and Pedagogy

Master of Arts in Community-based Arts Education