3D Printing Workshop

The Alumni Affairs and Development Office will organise a “3D Printing Workshop” based on the interdisciplinary concept of “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)”. Participants will taste the experience of using the iPad to control a robot which will administer the 3D printing. This is going to be an interactive showcase of the STEM concept.

We would like to invite alumni and their friends to join this workshop. Regardless of whether you are working in the education sector, this will be an interesting workshop that you won’t want to miss!

Date: 14 January 2017, Saturday
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Venue: Library, The Education University of Hong Kong

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Results of Graduation Photo Competition

The Graduation Photo Competition was brought to a successful close with unfailing support from our alumni. Based on the number of “Facebook Likes” for each photo (as of 12:00noon on 28 November 2016), the winners are:

Champion: Cat Leung

1st-runner-up: CarCar Choi

2nd-runner-up: Yim Sze Chung

The winners will be informed separately for the collection of prizes. All participants will receive a souvenir as a token of appreciation. Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the support of all participating alumni.


Documentary Proof for Retitling (DPR) Recognition of Academic Awards conferred by HKIEd

Following the birth of EdUHK in May 2016, the University is pleased to announce the launch of the captioned exercise for our alumni to recognise the academic awards conferred by The Hong Kong Institute of Education.

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Sharing of Nip Sau Han, Alumna of EdUHK

“I feel proud to be a member of The Education University of Hong Kong. Professors have passed on their valuable teaching experience and the training of curriculum design, which has helped me to develop interactive relationship and build up mutual trust with my students during my journey of a teaching career...

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Opening Hours on Winter Solstice

Wishing you a happy Winter Solstice! The opening hours of the Alumni Affairs and Development Office on the Winter Solstice (21 December, Wednesday) will be as follows:

8:30am - 1:00pm
2:00pm - 3:30pm


“EdU Santa” to Promote Love and Care

Professional Enhancement Programme for Kindergarten Teachers in Jiangsu

Alumni Privileges
   Hung Fook Tong Package Privilege (Valid Until 12
   January 2017)

   Häagen-Dazs Takeaway Fondue Privilege (Valid Until
   31 March 2017)

   Senior Citizen Home Safety Association Service
   Privilege (Valid Until 30 June 2017)

   HKT Offer (Valid Until 31 December 2016)

柏立基教育學院校友會有限公司二零一六年會員大會 (Details in Chinese only)

佳餚美點迎新歲之萬壽馬蹄步步糕 by Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre (Details in Chinese only)

靜繞畫(Zentangle)與心靈療癒工作坊 by Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre (Details in Chinese only)

The Women's Foundation Hong Kong Scholarship Scheme (Application deadline : 20 February 2017)